Here Are The Best Restaurants In America

Today, there are so many restaurants all over America and they serve quality food in different cuisines. In this article, the top rated restaurants all over America.

Below are the top rated Best restaurants in Philadelphia :


The ALINEA restaurant can be found in Chicago. They serve original, amazing and unique dishes. You can now make reservations online. They provide a unique dining experience. Plus, you will never know what they will serve you but they can gurantee its delicious. They also offer private dining rooms.


The DANIEL is a restaurant for grown-ups and it is located on Manhattan's Upper East Side.
They offer quality French haute cuisine. There menu changes on a daily basis. It is a bit hard to get a reservation. They offer seven course meals. They offer Poularde and foie gras mosaic with rutabaga, burgundy truffle vinaigrette, roasted veal sweetbread combined with parsnip mousseline and many more.


This is an asian fusion restaurant that is located in Miami. This opened in the year 2016. They serve Japanese, Korean and Thai inspired food. The dishesthat can be found in their menu are the grilled octopus with hearts of palm, crispy pork belly steamed buns, beef tartare combined with soy cured egg yolk and Japanese mustard vinaigrette, Korean fried chicken combined with butter braised chicory, sake-braised white beans and beef short rights that is covered with garlic and sweet soy. KYU also serves the best crusty bread and different cocktails.


The LE BERNARDIN is luxurious seafood restaurant that is located in New York, City. They have been repeatedly receiving four star Restaurant reviews . They have high quality food ratings. They offer eight course meals. They have almost raw and lightly cooked seafood dishes. They serve poached halibut with manila clams, seared langoustine combined with fennel mousseline and many more.


The ELEVEN MADISON PARK is located in New York City. They have a multi course menu, so they can serve people that have allergies with other kinds of food, has ingredient preferences and dietary restrictions. All of the ingredients that use are New York based.


NEXT is located in Chicago. They offer unique dishes. They have a vegan menu, Thai menu and more. The food that they offer are really exciting and inventive. They have an online reservations. It is also a bit difficult to get reservations, so it would be best if you make reservations weeks before you eat there.